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The Latin Mottos of the U.S. Armed Forces and their Spiritual Application

Transform Each Our Father Into a Prayer Powerhouse by Discovering the Deep Meaning Hidden Within the Lord’s Prayer

Sweet Innocent Cuteness Overload : My 7-yr-old Daughter Singing the Ave Maria Gregorian Chant Antiphon

The Litany of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus : Litaniæ Sacratissimi Cordis Jesu : A Beautiful Meditation & Prayer of Honor, Love, & Reparation

The Chaplet of the Holy Face of Jesus : A Beautiful, Powerful, & Brief Means of Growing in Devotion, Stamping Out Evil, & Making Reparation

Conversational Ecclesiastical Latin : Marcus Goes Hiking : The Adventures of Marcus Vol. II

Conversational Ecclesiastical Latin (School Setting) : The Adventures of Marcus, Vol I

The Divine Praises in Latin : Great Prayer of Reparation in the Original, Official, & Universal Form

Inspirational Latin Motto: Ecclesiastical Latin Wisdom from Scripture & Tradition for Our Daily Spiritual Warfare

What is Religion? : Life Lessons from Latin

Adoramus Te : A Eucharistic Prayer Written by St. Francis of Assisi in Latin, Italiano, & English

St. Francis, the First Creche Nativity Scene, and the Secret to Celebrating Christmas Daily & Devoutly

Ave Maria Tutorial : How to Pray the Hail Mary in Ecclesiastical Latin with Pronunciation Practice

5 More Ecclesiastical Latin Sayings Useful for the Spiritual Life: Volume IV

Quid est Veritas (What is Truth?): Simple Answers to One of Life’s Most Important Questions

Discover the Profound Meaning Within the Hail Mary to Make Each Ave Maria a Powerhouse of Prayer!

Omnis Lupus Magnus : A Brief Explanation & Spiritual Meditation on the Profound Latin Maxim

Treasures of the Faith, Part 1: Put On the Lord Jesus Christ

Treasures of the Faith, Part 2: Pondus Meum, Amor Meus

Thanksgiving: The Importance and Blessedness of Gratitude

Treasures of the Faith, Part 3: St. Anselm on the Sublime Purity of the Virgin Mary, as a Segue to the Definition of the Immaculate Conception

The First Christmas Creche: St. Francis of Assisi & Devotion to the Nativity of Jesus

Epiphany, Mary, & the Eucharist: A Brief Meditation

St. Francis and the Eucharist

Treasures of the Faith, Part 4: Age quod agis

The Angelus: How to pray it and the connection with the Annunciation

Treasures of the Faith, Part 5: Nemo dat quod non habet

Hematidrosis: How modern science can help us meditate on the Passion of Christ

How to Pray the Regina Caeli During Easter Time

June: The Month of the Sacred Heart

July: Month of the Precious Blood

Pater Noster : How to Pray the Our Father in Latin

Ave Maria : How to Pray the Hail Mary in Latin

Introibo ad Altare Dei : Audio Help in Memorizing and Pronouncing the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar for the Traditional Latin Mass

Treasures of the Faith, Part 6: Duc in Altum, a Microcosm of the Spiritual Life

The 2 Anchors of Salvation: A Vision of St. John Bosco

Aspicientes in Jesum : Keeping Our Eyes Fixed on Jesus

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times: How to Make a Great Lent

Oratio ad Sanctum Michaël : The Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

Gloria Patri : How to Pray the Glory Be and the Fatima (Rosary) Prayer in Latin

Symbolum Apostolorum : The Apostles’ Creed in Latin

Treasures of the Faith, Part 7: Memento Mori

The Perfect Way to End the Year of St. Joseph, Extension: The Prayer to St. Joseph After the Rosary by Leo XIII

Pray Without Ceasing: The Traditional Prayer to Ask God to Guide Our Actions (in English, Latin, & Italiano) as a Means of Union With God

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree by Elizabeth Poston (d.1987)

Treasures of the Faith, Part 8: Tu Scendi dalle Stelle, the Profound Christmas Carol Written by the Great Saint & Doctor of the Church, Alphonsus Maria de Liguori!

Treasures of the Faith, Part 9: Nunc Coepi: Beginning the New Year & Each Day With the Saints

The Holy Family: A Powerful Message to Catholic Families from Bishop Edoardo Aldo Cerrato, C.O.

Why, As a Teacher, I take Boys Outside with St. John Bosco

Ante Iter : The Traditional Catholic Prayers Before a Journey

The Rosary in Latin: A Text & Pronunciation Guide for All the Prayers in One Place

What Is True Love? (The 4 Loves)

Treasures of the Faith, Part 10: O Gloriosa Virginum, the Hymn St. Anthony of Padua Asked His Friar Brothers to Sing as He Died

Benedictio Mensae : How to Pray the Traditional Meal Prayers in the Official Latin

Fiat : The 4 Great Scriptural Fiats as Keys to Our Life with God, the Fruits of Agape

Miserere mei by Gregorio Allegri in Latin & English: An Inspirational Musical Meditation on Repentance

O Euchari by St. Hildegard von Bingen, Doctor of the Church

5 Ecclesiastical Latin Phrases Useful for Daily Life (Practical & Spiritual)

5 More Ecclesiastical Latin Phrases Useful for Daily Life (Practical & Spiritual): Round II!

5 More Ecclesiastical Latin Phrases (Volume III in the Series) Useful for Learning Latin and for the Spiritual Life

Angele Dei : The Angel of God Prayer in Latin (Text, Pronunciation, & English Translation)

Can There Be a Catholic Workout Plan? Yes! The Ilemorphic 40: Wholistic Catholic Fitness

Why Study Latin & the #1 Tip on How to Study Latin Successfully

What Catholics Traditionally Pray During the Elevation at Mass and Why (in English & Latin)

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Powerful Prayers Revealed by Former Exorcist Priest That Anyone Can Use Against Temptation & to Put demons to Flight

5 Important Lessons We Can All Learn From Dogs & Our Relationships With Them

Treasures of the Faith, Part 4: Age quod agis

Memento Mori : An Explanation of & Meditation on an Ancient Latin Maxim Adopted by the Church

The Famous Beginning of Tolkien’s The HOBBIT in Ecclesiastical LATIN for Latin Learning & Practice