Sanctum Rosarium (the Rosary in Latin): A Text & Pronunciation Guide for All the Prayers in One Place

I am a Latin and Theology teacher and largely learned Latin in Rome, the birthplace and continued center of the language. I hope these videos help you to pray in the official language of the Roman Catholic Church and that of so many great Saints, Doctors, and Fathers of the Church. God bless and oremus pro invicem!

1st Option: All the Prayers in 1 Video, Meditating on the Joyful Mysteries:

…or the Sorrowful Mysteries:

…or the Glorious Mysteries:

…or the Luminous Mysteries

2nd Option: Individual Prayer Videos:

Sign of the Cross : Signum Crucis

The Apostles’ Creed : Symbolum Apostolorum

Our Father : Pater Noster

More Slowly:

More Normal Speed:

Hail Mary : Ave Maria

Normal Speed & More Slowly for Practice

Normal Speed Only

Glory Be & Fatima Prayer : Gloria Patri et Oratio Fatima

Salve Regina: Hail Holy Queen

Prayer at the End of the Rosary : Oratio ad Finem Rosarii

Prayer to St. Joseph After the Rosary by Pope Leo XIII : Ad Te Beate Joseph

Optional Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel by Pope Leo XIII : Oratio ad Sanctum Michaël

By Stephen Snyder. All Rights Resreved.