Treasures of the Faith, Part 7: Memento Mori

In this installment of Treasures of the Faith, I would like to continue looking at our Latin maxims, focusing this time on the ancient phrase adopted for centuries by the Church, “Memento mori.” Perspective Vividly I recall the day when a demon showed himself in possession of someone close to me. We were Religious and seminarians […]

Symbolum Apostolorum : The Apostles’ Creed in Latin

I am being asked for help in learning and pronouncing the prayers of the universal Church in Latin, the universal language of the Church, particularly the prayers contained within the Rosary… so here is the next installment. Being such a lengthy prayer in comparison with the others, I didn’t go quite as slowly, but I […]

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times: How to Make a Great Lent

It’s easy for Lent to come and go without producing much fruit. Especially if we don’t make a plan, we can get lost in our day-to-day activities, and it can pass before we realize that we’ve missed an important opportunity to grow closer to Christ. I propose the following few points for our consideration in […]

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“Fac mecum sicut scis et vis, scio enim quod Amator sis.”

(Do with me as You know and will; for, I know what a Lover You are.)

– St. Augustine of Hippo