Can There Be a Catholic Workout Plan? Yes! The Ilemorphic 40: Wholistic Catholic Fitness

In this video I try to explain why there can be a Catholic workout routine and share one that my wife and I invented and followed for wholistic Catholic fitness. If you’ve heard of the 75 Hard, this is the Catholic version, the ILEMORPHIC XL! Try it or invent your own and let me know how it goes for you. The vid also includes some cool Latin (a maxim and a Scripture quote). I apologize that there is wind noise in parts of it; I filmed it in the wilderness. Speaking of which, watch the full video to see some amazing views of God’s creation and try to guess which State you think I’m in!

Addendum: 1) I made a booboo: It should be CUPS, not ounces: Cups = Weight in lbs/16/day, 2) Ave Maria = Hail Mary, 3) Oremus pro invicem = Let us pray for each other.

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