Gloria Patri : How to Pray the Glory Be and the Fatima (Rosary) Prayer in Latin

Here I pronounce these prayers slowly, then very slowly, line by line, so you can repeat and practice them. They are said at the end of each decade of the Rosary.

The Fatima Prayer is unusual since the official / original version is not in Latin, but a Portuguese dialect. This is the most commonly used version globally in my experience, having prayed it in Latin in many countries. (I’ve been to 13 so far and prayed it in Fatima, Lourdes, etc.) In Rome, for example, center of the Church & source of the Latin language, I prayed the Rosary thousands of times with people and never heard anyone use a Latin version other than this one there. In Latin, the adjective for “my” is usually understood and not spoken / written as it often is in English: one example of how this version differs from others and seems like a more naturally Latin translation. Feel free to use other versions if you like them better, but this is the standard in my experience. God bless!