Oremus Pro Invicem : Let Us Pray for Each Other

“Oremus pro invicem” means “Let us pray for each other” in Latin. To see more about the Biblical history of this phrase and learn how to pronounce it, see my video here: https://youtu.be/JgzausIX9yM .

Below I list all prayer intentions that have been faithfully submitted to me via E-mail. Please pray for these people, and feel free to send your prayer requests to stephen@corfidelis.com.

Jackson & Carter Halpin & their father, +Jared Halpin

Tim & +Kathy Haders

Chloe Sciammas

Pauline Waldt

Mark Jeffrey Chua & Family

Keegan Dietz

Eric McDonald


Thomas Burns


Rebekah and her vocation

Baby Joseph (born premature 4/5/22 at 2.97 lbs…

Kevin Downes Family; Joe Lohre; Doug Lohre; Kathleen, John, & Michele Downes; David; Jennifer & Brian Boreck; David Perry Family; David & Mary Susan DeWine Family; Kohrman; Bishop; Mike & Jenni; Henn; Scalf; Johnstone; Landkeits; Gardts; Glascocks; Wilbanks; Scott; Schwartz; Kleinsmith Families; Pope Francis & hierarchy; Dominicans, Franciscans, & Carmelites; Missionaries of the Immaculate Conception; MSJB; all holy orders; Fra. Anthony & Mother Marie-Cecile communities; all our holy priests & Religious; an end to abortion; unbelievers; world leaders

Jenny & Kate

Beth Frondorf

Angie Rowe

Janet Schmidt

Justin Seiter

Carl Allison

Chris & Anna

Adam and family

Alex S.

Brad, especially his vocational discernment

our Christians brethren suffering persecution, especially in Nigeria

Little Eddie

Brian, his employment, and his family


Marco, his father, and his family


the intentions of Ernesto Bumatay, Katy, Digos, and Mindanao

Sefi and the health of her grandson

Joey’s grandfather

Dominic’s mother and family


the repose of the souls of Calvin and Eleanor