Latin Deliverance Prayers Tutorial: Powerful Prayers Anyone Can Use Against Evil

As requested, here are 5 powerful Latin prayers that anyone can use against the wiles of evil spirits: the Sign of the Cross (Signum Crucis); the Surge Domine, Leo de Tribu Juda; the Hail Mary (Ave Maria); the Angel of God / Guardian Angel Prayer (Angele Dei); and the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel (Oratio ad Sanctum Michaël). Since all the Baptized share in the priesthood of Christ (though we are not ministerial priests unless validly ordained) we can offer worship & sacrifice pleasing to God in Christ, and our prayers are efficacious. These prayers have been verified by Saints, exorcists, and ordained priests of the Church to be powerful for deliverance or protection from the wiles of demons. Though few get possessed, diabolical obsession is more common, and we all experience temptation. I have experienced the power of these prayers; I hope they help and protect you, too. God bless and oremus pro invicem.